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It’s more than a house. Your home should be your sanctuary.

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My name is Rew Van Wyck, and it would be my pleasure to assist you as your realtor.

The home-buying, listing, staging, searching, and other house-related processes are not designed to be easy. But I sat through the classes, paid my dues (literally), and got the certifications so I can make it all as easy as possible for you.

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10860 Cody Lane

Fishers, IN

4 bedrooms

4 baths

3858 sqft


2132 North Delaware Street

Indianapolis, IN

4 bedrooms

3 baths

3816 sqft

List Your Home

I never wait for the fish to bite. We’ll make sure your home is immaculately prepared before it even hits the market.

Find Your New Home

Finding my friends (that’s you) beautiful new homes is a passion of mine, and I won’t stop until we find the perfect new home at the perfect price.

Home Staging

Potential buyers have high expectations, so why don’t we give them a show? Regardless of who’s listing your house, my eye for detail and your space are destined to be an unforgettable match made in heaven.

Full Service, Doorstep to Doorstep

My goal is to be more than an agent for you. We’re all tired of the business-only realtors who only care about checks. That’s why we provide doorstep-to-doorstep, concierge-style services for all of our clients. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

We’re here to answer your questions, anticipate your needs, and provide an effortless experience for you, from one doorstep to the next. You’re part of the family now.

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