Home Staging

Staging your home when it is for sale is crucial for many reasons. First, a well-staged home makes an incredible impact on showings. It is also important for photography.

I offer all of my clients staging assistance with their listings, and I also offer my services to any home owner! Even if you’re not my client, I’m more than happy to make the proper arrangements. Let’s chat: give me a call at (317) 709-5027 or reach out online now.

Home Staging for Showings

Like with most things in life, the more we put into showing your house, the more you are destined to get out of it. And staging is one of the best ways to prepare your home for showings.

Empty Home Staging

If your home for sale is empty (or partially empty), staging can be crucial in giving potential buyers an idea of how they might use your space. Simple, thoughtfully planned pieces — like a beautifully set table or candles on a mantle — can make a huge impact.

Staging a Furnished Home

If your home is fully furnished (re: you are still living in it, like most of us), staging can look a little differently, but it is still as effective. In these instances, staging can simply mean many things:

  • Rearranging furniture for better flow
  • Replacing certain pieces with smaller or more streamlined options
  • Amping up unused or not-thought-about areas — like porches, alcoves, or entryways.

Home Staging for Photos

Photography is the key to making a memorable impact on potential buyers who start their search online (like most of us).  I could talk all day about how important good photography is for your home listing (at least a thousand words), but there will be plenty of time for that later!

Less is More

The single most important rule of home staging is simple: don’t overdo it. The goal with staging and preparing a house for showings is to give potential buyers just enough ideas so they can picture themselves living in your space.

Home staging is an essential service I bring to all of my listings, and even to homeowners who aren’t my clients. To learn more, let’s have coffee or give me a call at (317) 709-5027.

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